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About the U.S. National Archives Photographs on Flickr The United States National Archives and Records Administration is delighted to join the Flickr community. We look forward to introducing some of our photographs to a new audience as well as interacting with experienced National Archives visitors and researchers in a new way. We invite you to explore our photographs. Please share your knowledge, insights, and experience by adding tags, notes, and comments. We would love to hear from you. Only a small sampling of our photographs can be found on Flickr at this time. For the pilot project, we will post a selection of photographs from the Women's Bureau, the Environmental Protection Agency, and a few favorites. The photos you see here are only a sample of the more than 25 million photographs and 20,000 graphic images (posters and some original artwork) held in roughly 2,500 series at the U.S. National Archives in the Washington, D.C., area, our regional archives facilities from coast to coast, and from the twelve Presidential Libraries under U.S. National Archives administration. These photographs, most taken by agents of Federal agencies over the years, cover a wide range of subjects and themes documented in the work of the United States government. Higher resolution versions of many of these images can be obtained from the U.S. National Archives by following the links located below each image.

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