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The University of Victoria Libraries are located at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The library’s foundational role in acquiring and preserving research resources is critical in the complex digital environment of 21st century scholarship. Our expert staff are increasingly working within disciplines, across disciplines and beyond traditional boundaries, as we navigate this exciting landscape with our students, faculty and researchers. We welcome the wider public into our physical spaces and actively seek partnerships with local and regional organizations to support and enhance the rich arts, culture and learning opportunities in our communities.

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400 2003 2020 What timeframe does this collection cover? 2003: 244 photos 2004: 87 photos 2005: 0 photo 2006: 0 photo 2007: 0 photo 2008: 68 photos 2009: 0 photo 2010: 2 photos 2011: 0 photo 2012: 0 photo 2013: 0 photo 2014: 202 photos 2015: 413 photos 2016: 0 photo 2017: 0 photo 2018: 0 photo 2019: 0 photo 2020: 17 photos

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